What is the difference between my regular accountant, tax filer and your company?
It depends. Our firm is run by a licensed CPA auditor, CA (Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada). This means that besides being able to interact with both federal and provincial governments in this manner, we are also able to provide you with signed reports that provide a level of comfort on your financial statements or any other financial information you need to certify for business purposes. 
What kind of income tax services does your company provide?
We offer Personal Income Tax, Sole Property Business Tax (Commission Income, Sales,..), Corporate Tax Return and Trusty Tax Return 
Does your company have E-file Tax Returns?
Yes, we do. We provide services that offer E-file for Personal Tax, Self-Employment and Corporate Tax.  
Does your company file Tax Returns for provinces outside of Québec?
Yes. In fact, we do Tax Returns for any business or person anywhere in Canada 
Can you stay up to date with accounting and tax-law changes?
We most certainly can. Our team of professionals is prepared and knowledgeable of newly changed tax laws every yearBesides that, our founder is a lecturer in accounting at HEC Montreal, so we are always on-the-know of any accounting changes that might affect our clients. See our blog section for news and updates.
What if I haven’t filed my previous year’s tax returns?
We can definitely help with that. We are even willing to speak on your behalf to tax authorities to help you settle your tax issues. 
What if I still have questions?
If you have additional questions, call our office at 514-6322-GEM or email at info@gem-consultants.com